Caravan Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you are thinking of buying a second hand touring caravan it is prudent to have the caravan inspected by an Approved Workshop caravan engineer.

Caravans can be expensive to buy and can be even more expensive to repair especially if there is damp in the caravan.

Caravans are prone to damp and can be very expensive to repair if damp has taken hold of the caravan, in my experience if you are looking for a cost-effective inspection when buying a caravan the inspection I would recommend is a damp inspection report.

There so many other areas of a caravan that can be inspected such as gas safety, the electrics, the running gear and the breaks.

Remember I come to you, you don’t have to bring your caravan to me!

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What's Included

Bronze - £75.00

Damp Proof Report – I will inspect the whole caravan and report my findings, I will check the floor, all the walls and the ceiling and document the readings. Any damp found will be highlighted and I will provide recommendations to help in your decision whether to buy or not. Note I may not be able to give you a price to repair the damp but I will be able to recommend someone who specialises in damp work.

Silver - £115.00
Gold - £180 - Single Axel - £200 - Twin Axel

OR Call now 0113 460 1075

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