Electrical Report (EICR) - £150

(I can add this inspection onto the annual service for just £75)

This inspection and test should be carried out at least every 3 years and is designed to check the electrical installation in your touring caravan in more depth.

Caravans are designed to be towed and the electrical installation is subject to movement and sudden jerks which in normal domestic homes never happens. All the electrical cables, therefore, are being put under stress every time the caravan is towed and because of this, they can break away from the socket or light fitting they are attached to. The other problem touring caravans have is they are connected to a sites electrical supply and these supplies aren’t the same as the supplies you get at home. This electrical test and inspection will ensure that all the electrical fittings, their associated cables and the protection at the consumer unit is all in working order. So when you are away and you’ve connected to the sites supply you know your caravan’s electrical installation is safe to use.

I have read all the posts on different forums regarding the need for this inspection and all I would say is check with your insurance company to see if you are covered in the event of:

  • A fire from faulty electrical wiring
  • Death or serious injury to someone who has received an electric shock from your caravan.

I don’t make up the rules and neither do I want to scare or profit from scaring anyone but what I do know after working in the electrical industry for the past 38 years, once electrical tests and inspections are brought in they stay and become law.

The forums also say that you can refuse to have this test carried out and that is true, but you will have to sign a waiver form, all this is for, is to say that the Approved Workshop informed you of the inspection and you declined it. It is An Approved Workshop duty of care to inform their customers of this test and you signing the waiver form puts them in the clear if anything was to happen in the future.

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What's Included

The inspection and test consist of:

  1. Check the polarity of all the cables.
  2. Check that all the wiring is terminated and there are no broken wires.
  3. Check that all cable joints are safe and protected.
  4. Carry out resistance tests ensuring the continuity of the electrical supply.
  5. Carry out and insulation resistance test (sending 500V down the cable to ensure the cables are electrically safe)
  6. Test the residual current device and record the results.
  7. Check all appliances to ensure the cables are terminated correctly and are still fit for purpose.


Any minor defects that can be rectified will be done at no extra cost but other works may need to be quoted for and discussed in more detail.

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