Damp Report - £75

Damp in caravans and motorhomes can dramatically decrease the value of them, damp is a constant problem with older caravans and in some extreme examples the caravans are written off as beyond economical repair. If you are unsure as to what condition your caravan is in especially if you are looking at selling it have an inspection carried out. If you are looking at trading in your caravan or motorhome, the dealer will carry out a damp inspection and will do their best to locate any damp to knock down the value of your caravan.

Catching damp early is the best way of dealing with it because once it takes hold the repairs can be extremely expensive.

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What's Included

The inspection & Report

I will use the latest quality damp proof testers (non-invasive & invasive) that are calibrated to test your caravan.

I will inspect all of the caravan and log all my findings on my report, I will check the floor, all the walls and the ceiling ensuring all of the caravan is inspected.

All this information will be documented on an Approved Mobile Workshop official report giving you the confidence to sell your caravan or continue to holiday in it knowing the damp condition the caravan or motorhome is in. Any minor repairs such as filling in small cracks in the caravan’s structure or a dripping pipe could be rectified while I’m there at no cost, other small damp problems such as a leaking skylight may need to be quoted for and carried out at a later date. If there is any serious damp in your caravan I will recommend someone who deals in the major repairs of damp for them to give you a quotation for this work.

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