Annual Touring Caravan Service

Caravan Servicing

Price Single Axle - £180
Price Twin Axle - £200

Most of us that have a touring caravan or motorhome know that having them serviced is a must especially if we are looking at using the caravan or Motorhome as intended. When you’re away enjoying your holidays its always good to know that your caravan or motorhome is completely safe so that you and your family can relax and concentrate on just enjoying your selves. Complete Caravan Services always ensure that all aspects of the caravan are inspected, and any defects found are reported.

If you would like to have the Electrical Report (EICR) carried out at the same time as the service, I can do this for just £75.

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What's Included

Below is a list of all the areas that I inspect on an annual service, I will also provide you with a full detailed report outlining all my findings. A full single axle service lasts in the region of 2.5-4 Hours with a twin axle lasting an extra 30 minutes.

Chassis and Running Gear

Coupling Head
Stabiliser Operation
Breakaway Cable
Corner Steadies
Spare Wheel Carriers
Jockey Wheel
Braking System
Wheels and Tyres
Suspension and Axle
Handbrake Mechanism

Electrical System
Gas System
Water System
Fire Safety

OR Call now 0113 460 1075

As stated above all full services come complete with a service report highlighting any faults found and rectification advisories and a full vehicle damp test with all readings recorded. Please note service is not a repair service. If I find any faults that are easily rectified, I will repair them at no extra cost to you but if the faults can’t be rectified on the service, I will give you a quotation to complete the works if you want the fault or faults rectifying. This work may need to be booked in at a later date depending on my workload at that time.

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