Draining Down Your Static
Caravan For Winter – Winterise

1st Visit £90

All Other Visits £70

It’s that time of year when you start to think about getting the caravan ready for the winter, it's hard to believe the season is nearly over and winter is on its way.

The most important job to do out of them all is to ensure that all the water pipes are free from water because any water left in the pipes can freeze and cause damage to our loving home from home.

Many blogs and videos are showing you how to do this but if you want someone to come out and do this for you just give me a call and I will be more than happy to pop out and do it for you.

My first visit would mean draining down the system, I will then have to cut into the mains water pipe and insert a tee so that I can connect my compressor to the pipework, I will then blow any excess water that may be present in the pipework out of the system – once this is done I can return every year and just connect my compressor to the tee and remove all the excess water from the pipework.

That said my first visit will be a little more expensive than any other visits thereafter, If I’m having to travel to a site that’s miles away it is more cost-effective to winterise 3 or more caravans at once, this helps keep the cost down, so if you have friends that want theirs doing at the same time it will be so much more cost-effective.

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What's Included

Fitting Automatic Drain Down System - £425

I can also fit you an automatic drain down system meaning once it’s fitted you will never need to pay for anyone else to winterise your caravan again. I will show you how to drain down your system by just pressing a button “it’s that easy”

Antifreeze The Central Heating System - £85

OR Call now 0113 460 1075

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