Gas Safety in Static Caravans
& Leisure Lodges

Static Caravan Gas Safety Certificate CP12 - £75

Most static caravans these days have gas appliances fitted to provide heat, hot water and cooking facilities. It is so important that all of these appliances are in good working condition and fitted following current gas safety regulations.

If you let your caravan out even if it's only for a couple of weeks a year you will need to have an in-date CP12 (Landlords Gas Safety Certificate) completed by a Gas Safe Engineer who is qualified to work on your appliances and hold the LPG module. Note if your site is insisting that you can only use their engineer and you would prefer to use me call NACO on 01255 820321 as they see this to be unfair and restrictive and will speak to the site manager on your behalf, This certificate should be available for inspection if the people hiring your van to ask to see it. If you own your caravan and don’t let it out to anyone then you are not required by law to have an up to date Gas Safety Certificate, that said more and more parks are now including them within their licence agreements or their site rules. NACO are also stating that an annual gas safety or service to your appliances should be carried out in your caravan.

The most important thing is that when you are away in your caravan, or you have rented it for a while, the caravan is safe, so you can enjoy your time doing the things you want to do whilst away on holiday.

Remember poorly burning gas appliances can emit Extremely dangerous Carbon Monoxide, this is why all gas appliances should be maintained in good working order.

For more information about carbon monoxide poisoning visit and

Remember a gas safety inspection does not include the appliance being serviced, it’s a check to ensure all the appliances are fitted correctly, they are burning correctly as per manufacturers instructions and all the pipework is gas-tight meaning there are no leaks.

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What's Included

Gas Integrity

The entire gas pipe system supplying the appliances are safe, secured properly and have no leaks.

Ensure the hoses from the bottles are in date and fit for purpose.

Ensure the gas regulators are working and providing the correct gas pressure to the appliances.

The appliance is operating at the correct gas pressure.

Flue Integrity
Safety Devices

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