Motor Home Habitation Inspection - £125

Below is a list of checks and tests I will be doing when I carry out your Motor Home Habitation Inspection.

There are many reasons why you should have regular habitation checks carried out on your motorhome.

  1. To ensure a safe environment for your loved ones.
  2. To catch any signs of problems early so they can be rectified early, preventing a costly repair if it is left.
  3. To ensure your warranty is valid.
  4. A full-service history when selling your Motorhome will ensure it has a higher valve, if you have the habitation checks done every year and you have the motorhome serviced every year, you should have no problems selling it going forward.

Habitation checks are carried out to ensure the living area within your motorhome is safe from the risk of fire, carbon monoxide and electrocution. Please find a list of checks I do when I carry out this inspection.

Remember I come to you, you don’t have to come to me!

Service Details

Bodywork Interior
  • Damp Proof Report – I will inspect the whole Motor Home and report my findings, I will check the floor, all the walls and the ceiling and document the readings.
  • Check operation of cupboard hinges, catches, locks & stays
  • Checking operation & condition of all window catches, stays & seals
  • Checking operation & security of all skylights, blinds
Water System and Appliances
Gas Supply and Appliances
Electrical Systems 230v
Electrical Systems 12v
Fire and Safety

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